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About Us

Integrated Solar Street Light

Integrated Solar Street Light can light up virtually any place – street, walk ways, Markets, small business, parking lots and community place- basically every place where the electric grid is missing or unreliable. All in One Solar street light are designed to work throughout the night. Product range from 12 Watt, 15 Watt, 20 Watt, 30 Watt , 40 Watt ,60 Watt ,80 Watt ,100 Watt etc.

Our product is embedded with a motion detector which conserves it’s energy. it will automatically switch to bright mode whenever people pass through and on energy saving mode when idle.
Our solar street lights can operate for more than a night if the sun is not available for couple of days. It turns on automatically by sunlight sensor and independent of the utility grid. Solar street lights require less maintenance compared to conventional street lights, Since external cables are eliminated and risk of accidents is mitigated.


Solargaps Blinds modules mounted on the window blinds placed inside or outside of the window opening, capable of converting solar radiation into electrical energy. This gives the opportunity to home or other premises autonomous from external electrical networks.
Controlled from a smartphone application.
Automatically adjust its position for maximum generation.


Efficiency Solargaps blinds shutters up to 150 Wh m2 window blinds for outdoor and up to 100 Wh Internal m2.
For  Solargaps blinds, two-bedroom apartment with windows facing south, will be able to produce up to 600 Wh per hour or about 4 kilowatts per day and is 100 kWh per month. In the case of office and retail on the premises, the effect would be ten times more.

Key features

The bottom line is  resulting energy can be saved. And using Solargaps blinds converter send to the network. Also manage the accumulation and connected to an external network as needed.
The energy obtained from the blinds  can directly feed the inverter air conditioner without the need for additional batteries. Also, the ability to sell expensive energy during the day and at night to buy cheap without accumulation of the latter.