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Application and Market

A Statistics will generate electricity and custom settings in the mobile Solargaps blinds application. While the application is designed only for Android

How to use Solargaps Blinds: example, you enter the room, and opened the blinds. Leave it – and after 15 minutes it will returned to maximum generation mode, we  added a sensor determining  position of the sun angle to adjust the angle of the slats to the sun throughout the day, and have developed a concept of  new application interface.

Solargaps Markets:

  • Africa
  • B2B – companies.
  • B2C – owners of private
  • Apartments and homes.

Sales channels:

  • Commercial
  • Real estate
  • Shopping and entertaining malls
  • Business centers
  • Hotels
  • Residential
  • properties
  • Apartments, houses

Equipment blinds conventional windows in the apartment, according to our estimates, Controller that comes bundled with the blinds can provide the transformation of the energy produced under the standard voltage – W 220.

“Blinds simply can turn into a home outlet, and they will provide the apartment with electricity network.
refrigerator consumes an average of 150 watts. A single window will give a minimum of 300 watts. “One-bedroom apartment with three windows facing the south side, are able to give 600 watts of electricity per hour. It is about 4-5 kW per day. That is 150 kW per month. The average consumption of one-bedroom apartment per month. You will be able to provide themselves and nothing to pay for, installing additional batteries to preserve stored energy.

In addition, energy can be “injected” into the drive and used in blackout.