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Solargaps blinds power per square meter of the window opening up to 150 watts with external blinds and placing up to 100 watts at home.  shutters Solargaps blinds, set  the two-bedroom with windows facing south, it will produce up to 600 watts per hour, or  4 kW per day, which is 100 kW per month average consumption of apartments ranges from 100 to 250 kWh per month. The inverter stores the resulting energy and sends it to the network, to feed the electrical in the house.  Surplus energy can be stored in batteries, equipment normal window in a city apartment
innovative shutters will .

Full transition to solar energy more expensive. “Disconnect from external networks is possible with equipment more than 10 square meters of windows facing the south side, and the use of battery storage and inverter. The Tesla Power Wall even can be used as a battery. Solargaps blinds ideal with Tesla Power wall “Saving only for conditioning by blocking direct sunlight can reach 90%.And the resulting energy can be used for computers, household appliances and lighting.

The exact figure can be calculated on the basis of existing building. solar blinds is a device that combines solar panels with venetian blinds to allow those who live in apartments and business center’s owners to generate their own electricity.

Solargaps blinds are easy to use: just install it, plug it into a socket and it will start producing electricity. Once installed on a window, the smart blinds with built-in solar panels can generate over 100 kilowatt of energy per month.  When a person is in the room, the blinds will roll to let the light in, and when he/she leaves it, they will close to maximize the output.

We use energy condensers so that our blinds can generate energy even in dim light. The blinds can feed battery modules, like Tesla Power Wall, etc. We have developed an app to control system options and collect statistics.