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Wind – driven generators & controllers

Product short description

Wind power plant (WPP) is absolutely autonomic and doesn’t need to be managed outside. Wind generator provides batteries charge. Controller provides management of generator and battery work.

Possible installation sites

  • Facilities which should have backup power obligatory: hospitals, telephone exchange etc.
  • Any residential: country houses, cottage etc.
  • Plants for lighting of parks, streets, crosswalks, advertising etc.
  • Installation on the roof of buildings



  • Wind Power Generator:
    Three – phase
    Permanent magnets
    Electromagnetic system: magnet – magnet
    Start: 2 m/s wind speed
    Up to 18 m/s working range
  • Controller:
    Booster (1 – > 12)
    Battery control
    Anti – hurricane system
  • Wings:
    Wind wheel type: turbine
    Material: fiberglass or aluminum