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About Our Solar Gaps

Over the last 13 years SolarGaps has been on a mission to make energy free and accessible to all. We are pioneering a method of energy distribution that will power the offices, homes, and cities of the future. By exploring innovative concepts and adopting new technologies, we can help move every city closer to their Net Zero goals.

Why Choose Us

Easy installation no wiring required

Installing and moving is easy no more waiting for the utility company!

No Wiring Run From The Grid.

No cuts through existing roads, sidewalks Or landscaping.

Maintenance Free Batteries!

Big Credits and Savings form State and Federal Taxes. Better Color Rendition & Nighttime Visibility. No Warm-up or Cold Start Problems. Component lifetime of 25+ years.

Who We Are

SolarGaps is becoming one of the most recognized names in solar. Our company is actively pursuing partnerships with DGNB, BREEAM, and LEED to ensure our solutions are backed by accredited standards worldwide. With SolarGaps, your building can become one step closer to Net-Zero. SolarGaps are smart blinds and roof panel that automatically track the sun, producing energy while keeping your building cool. Installed on the outside of homes and ofices, our blinds and Roof panel track the sun, providing active shading while generating enough energy to offset power bills up to 70%. Customers who install SolarGaps on sunny windows and roof see an immediate decrease in energy costs. The electricity collected from SolarGaps can be fed directly back into the building’s electrical grid, or into a battery system. Our comprehensive energy management platform allows building owners and managers to track energy usage, generation, sales, and storage. Our goal is to make energy generation as simple as possible. Integrated Solar Street Light can light up virtually any place — street, walkways, Markets, small business, parking lots and community place- basically every place where the electric grid is missing or unreliable. All in One Solar street light are designed to work throughout the night. Product range from 12 Watt, 15 Watt, 20 Watt, 30 Watt , 40 Watt Watt Watt , 100 Watt etc. Our product is embedded with a motion detector which conserves it’s energy. it will automatically switch to bright mode whenever people pass through and on energy saving mode when idle. Our solar street lights can operate for more than a night if the sun is not available for couple of days. It turns on automatically by sunlight sensor and independent of the utility grid. Solar street lights require less maintenance compared to conventional street lights, Since external cables are eliminated and risk of accidents is mitigated.

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